TV opinion: BONES

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I have been working hard on this post… ok, I have something to admit, I did not have any idea of what to write in this week’s post, so I decided on writing a review on a show I have been watching since Wednesday. The truth is that last Monday I slipped on the laundry and fell against the washer (my foot got under it) and as a result my toe nail literally broke away from my toe, so I have been going out very much, so on Netflix I was looking for something to watch and I found…BONES.

This show is about a forensic anthropologist name Temperance Brennan and her team, that someway or another ended up working with FBI special agent Booth in solving crimes where the main clue is less that a fleshed corpse, more like bones (whether the whole skeleton or just a few pieces).

The storyline is intriguing and really enjoyable, the character are well developed and one usually can feel identified by them. We Dr. Brennan a cold and practical woman on the outside that hides her sensibility because of her family history, we aloe have Booth a funny man that actually cares about Brennan *is reaaaaaally cute at those times* and trying to make amends. On Brennan’s team is her best friend Angela (she is an artist and is in charge of the face drawing and the simulator- you will know when you see , her assistant Zack (a genius who is doing his PhD while working for Brennan) and Dr. Hudgins (the funny bug-man who is a conspiracy lover)

I really liked this show, in the way of how they solve the crimes is really interesting although sometimes the end of the episodes can be predictable, altogether make this a nice and sometimes graphic (some victims are horrible) show.

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TOP 5: Venezuelan Food

This top list is completely subjective and stating my personal opinion

5. Casabe: is a cake made of a root called “yuca” , shih is peeled then dried in a sebucan (to take the bitter poison), once dried it turns into flour. Then it’s placed inside a metal ring that is in a clay pan over fire. It is a dry food that can be eaten alone, with soup or even meat.

  la foto

la foto 4

4. Tequeños: is a white Venezuelan cheese finger covered with dumpling-like-dough and then fried. It is usually served as appetizer in parties and if you want it as dessert it is possible to find them with chocolate instead of cheese.

3. Arepa: the famous arepa is a corn flour bread/ biscuit that is usually open in half to fill it with essentially, even a mix of avocado with shredded chicken (we call it  “Reina pepeada”)

2. Cachapa : it is a smashed  corn ‘pancake’ that is folded in half filled with “telita”  soft cheese. It is sweet and the mix of cripy and chewy makes this a  delicious plate.

EXTRA: White Venezuelan Cheese

Something I totally love is the hard white Venezuelan cheese, I could literally eat it all day. But because it is not actually a plate I can not rate it in the top list.

1. Hallaca: this a Christmas traditional plate, it is a mix of meat stew, olives, vegetables and raisins covered with a corn dough and all that folded with banana leaves, after all that it is boiled. It is exciting and hard to make because of te amount of work (it can be days), but altogether is the most delicious plate to eat in family.

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